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How Liminal Helps Users Take Back Control

Nicotine is an incredibly addictive substance.


Studies have shown vaping can deliver far more nicotine than cigarettes.


Millions of young Americans who became addicted to e-cigs and vapes in middle and high school continue to struggle with their addiction into adulthood.

Clinical data and empathy interviews suggest current nicotine cessation therapies aren't very effective.


Cold- turkey was found to have a 3% successful abstinence rate after 6- months, while other nicotine replacement therapies (i.e. gum, patches, and lozenges) resulted in a 14% success rate (NHS, 2018).

Liminal contains patentable hardware and software that takes out the grueling steps usually associated with nicotine addiction treatment.


From the palm of their hands, users receive personalized daily goals based on their own usage data (e.g. number of hits, nicotine consumption), allowing their quitting plan to evolve with them on their journey.

On multiple levels, including a dual-loop gaming model, Liminal keeps users motivated as they taper off nicotine.


Using a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), gamification, and community support, Liminal helps users quit and/or reduce nicotine intake in the long-term.

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